Westendorf Loaders

Westendorf Loaders

Streamline your Farming Tasks with a Westendorf.

Over the past 80 years, Westendorf has fine-tuned the design of their durable, dependable loaders. American-made, Westendorf Loaders help you tackle your roughest agricultural tasks, from brush removal and dirt work to general farming. Mettler Implement carries a complete selection of Westendorf Loaders, including compact, general farm, heavy duty, and high lift loaders. Learn more about our Westendorf Loaders below, and stop in to discover the right one for your outdoor job!

Traction Action Series Tractors

Traction Action (TA) Series Tractors

Whether you're running a large farm, construction site, or anything in-between, you can rely on a Westendorf TA series loader. Popular TA series loaders include the TA-25, TA-26, TA-29, as well as many others. Contact us and we'll help you determine the right TA model today.

Common Applications

Common Applications

Westendorf Loaders are equipped a complete variety of agricultural tasks, including hay loading, daily heavy lifting, small cattle feeding, nursery maintenance, digging, hay operation, and more!

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