Calf Catchers & Carriers

Calf Catchers & Carrier

Streamline Your Calving Season.

Choose a Calf Catcher for safe and efficent calf handling.

Make your calving season the best one yet with a superior Calf Catcher. With a Calf Catcher, you can safely guard a cattleman from an often-protective mother cow when handling and transporting a calf. Crafted from high-quality, all-welded construction, our Calf Catchers are tested and proven to perform in rough terrain and weather conditions.

Feel free to contact us or stop in to find the right calf catcher for your ATV or UTV today.

Features and Details

Safety: Calf Catchers are designed for easy, single-person use so any farmer of any age can attach, use, and dismount their Calf Catcher as independently and safely as possible.

Design: Calf Catchers are durably constructed from welded steel. Built to last generations, Calf Catchers are mounted with ball-coupler hitches, permitting higher performance in rough conditions, and easy to mount and dismount.

Ease: Easily mount a Calf Catcher with a ball hitch on your ATV or UTV. Once attached, the unit remains stable and flexible for easy travel over uneven ground, hills, and ditches.

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