RiteWay Land Rollers

Consistent. Efficient. Cutting-Edge.

Choose a Rite Way Land Roller for smooth, easy rolling.

If you’re one of the many progressive, innovative farmers who are diversifying their crops, you’ll need new tools practices to go along with your new crops. In doing so, one of your most important pieces of equipment will be a land roller.

Rite Way Land Rollers feature large drum diameters, making for fewer revolutions and more efficiency when pressing rock into the ground without rolling the crop out ahead of it. Less horsepower per foot is also needed to accomplish this task. Available in different sizes and models, Rite Way Land Rollers combine efficiency with forward-thinking design to get your job done faster and better than ever.

Mettler Implement provides a complete selection of Rite Way Land Rollers. Feel free to browse our inventory online, or stop in to select the right model for your agricultural needs!

Gas Powered

Rite Way F3-Series Land Rollers

+ 3 Section Roller, 42-52 ft. working width

+ Large drum diameter for fewer revolutions

+ Higher efficiency for pressing rocks into ground without rolling the crop out ahead of time

+ Requires less horsepower per square foot to pull

Rite Way three-section rollers are ideally suited to be pulled in tandem with other implements such as air seeders and tanks. With patented FORWARD™ unfolding system, you can go from transport mode to field mode in minutes while driving forward. Choose an F-3 roller that folds to 14’ for transport, or narrow transport model that folds to a mere 11’6.

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